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We are a small non-profit charitable organization raising funds to help keep our wildlife, in particular species that are at risk of becoming endangered or at risk of harm. Our mission is to raise awareness of wildlife issues around the world and to hold fund raising events to help with the conservation and salvation of those wildlife issues. Not only are we are a small charitable organization but we sometimes act as an "umbrella of resource" for other organizations and or /causes. If you know of an organization and or cause that needs our help and it fits within our remit then please contact us. We strive on trying to make a difference and all donations are gratefully received regardless of value.

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Sun 9th Oct 2016


On Sunday 21st May 2017 Wildlife Calling are hosting A SPECIAL CONSERVATION DAY. Our VIP Guest will be our Honorary Patron Sybelle Foxcroft who will be flying over from Australia to join us.

Also speaking will be Julie Lines of the Global White Lions Trust, Phil Davis of Tiger Awareness, Martin Hemmington of the National Fox Welfare Society and Maria Mossman of Action for Elephants. We are waiting to hear from other speakers. 

Tickets will be £5 Adults, £2.50 16 years and under and OAPS, under 5's free. The cost will include Afternoon Tea. Put the date in your diaries and if you would like tickets or need further information then please email: wildlifecalling@hotmail.co.uk  

Hope to see you there!!

******If anyone travels to the event by train do let us know and we can arrange to pick you up from the station before the event.

HOT OFF THE PRESS:   Miss Ellie and Mr Tigger will be there and are hoping to meet lots of children.  So Boys and Girls - get your Mums and Dads to bring you along.




Tue 13th Sep 2016

Hello to all of our fans on this page! We have a wonderful competition for you to get involved in which is going to help us raise money for The Rescued Tigers of Thailand and their on-going care. Below is a picture of a jar of sweets. All you need to do is guess how many sweets are in the jar! It will cost £1 per entry and 100% of your donation will go to help The Rescued Tigers of Thailand. The winner will receive a £10 high street voucher, some of our Wildlife Calling Merchandise, a free ticket to our May event next year where Sybelle herself will be speaking about the Thailand Tigers, as well as other guest speakers, and a VIP pass to speak to the wonderful lady herself before anyone else! To win, you need to guess the exact amount or the closest amount of sweets in the jar.You can make as many guesses as you wish but each will be £1. In the event of a tie the names will be put into a hat and one winner will be drawn. Donations to enter can be made via PayPal: http://www.wildlifecalling.org.uk/donate.php or by post to our founders address which is on our Wildlife Calling Website. Get guessing! 🐾


******  I would just say - this competition is open to everyone, no matter where you live in the world. I know one of the prizes won't be able to apply to you (tickets to our event), but in it's place we will send an extra piece of our merchandise. So I would ask you - please support us. Many thanks

****** Please note - this competition is now closed.  We have an outright winner - Maxine Burlington of Mansfield, Nottingham. She chose number 42 which was the correct answer.    Her prizes will be sent to her shortly,  Thank you to everyone who took part.  Your support is very much appreciated.


News from African Lion & Environmental Research Trust (ALERT)

Wed 6th Jul 2016

David Youldon is going to be leading a new project. It is to monitor elephant presence within the Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park in Zambia, where elephants are increasingly coming into conflict with rural communities. Communites are suffering from the loss of crops and fear for their safety, while elephants are being viewed as unwanted and dangerous pests. Why should these communities want to protect a vulnerable species when it is harming their wellbeing? Before steps can be taken to reduce conflict, it’s vital to understand how and why it is happening. Monitoring the presence and movement of elephants and recording incidents of conflict will provide us with data to assist in the development of improved species management plans and conflict mitigation strategies.   


There are the usual substantial costs to cover for a project like this, vehicle purchase and fuel, staffing, etc, but I’ve also launched a JustGiving page to raise funds for the smaller costs of the equipment necessary to get this off the ground; everything from a pair of night vision binoculars for £350 to a compass for a couple of pounds. It means that with even a small donation, you can help support our work.  Anything you can give will be very much appreciated.


To donate please copy and paste this link to your browser:  



UPDATE:    This campaign is still going on.  The elephant monitoring project has started and is going very well, but more funding is still needed for equipment.  If anyone is interested in reading about the progress you can do so by checking out ALERT's website:


http://lionalert.org/article/Cross Country Challenge




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 In 2016-10-18

The sum of $40 was sent to the Wildlife Research Institute in Ely Minnesota to help with the cost of feeding an orphaned wild bear.


 In 2015-05-22

On Monday 16th May Wildlife Calling sent £80 to Cee4Life for their work with rescuing tigers.


 In 11th March 2016

On 11th March we sent a cheque for £50 to Phil Davis of Tiger Awareness as a donation towards his forthcoming 900 Mile walk for his charity.  We send our good wishes to Phil and applaud his magnificent efforts!!!


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